Team of quarter horses, led by an Amish farmer, trots, leaving a
Amish man steers team of horses and mules on a steel wagon
Amish children in a grey buggy
Amish children and a pony cart
Portrait of an Amish girl posing with her bicycle
Portrait of a teenage Amish farmer with his horse and plow
Amish teenager and his horse and buggy
Amish farmers with two horse and mule teams plow the field at su
Amish mother pushes a baby carriage with her daughter
Amish girl balances a package on her basket  of her scooter bike
Amish team of horses in the early morning light before the heat
An Amish Grey Buggy and Horse, Clop Along the Road
Amish girls rollerblading
Parked Amish grey buggies
Two Amish buggies; one with Amish girls steering their horse and
Red Barns, Silos, Cows, and Green Pastures on Amish Farmland
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