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Did you know you should update your professional picture every year or two? That's right! We all change a little bit and having a new lifestyle portrait of yourself sends a positive message that you are on top of your game! It will make you feel terrific too!!

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Margaret Seed, professional portrait photography, career portrai

Enjoying nature photography and travel photography in sunny Florida

I recently visited relatives in southern Florida and went on an airboat to photograph and see wildlife at Everglades National Park. We had so much fun!! I shot the sunset at Juno Beach as high surf and waves crashed onto Juno Beach's pier. We also checked out the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. What a blast!!! Check out the seven new photos below. I LOVE travel photography and nature photography!!!

 Great Blue Heron flies over the Everglades

Great Blue Heron flies over the Everglades

 Here I am holding my Canon camera with a 70 x 200 lens with Richard Anderson and Linda Anderson on an airboat in the Everglades!

Here I am holding my Canon camera with a 70 x 200 lens with Richard Anderson and Linda Anderson on an airboat in the Everglades!

 We saw lots of alligators in the wetlands!

We saw lots of alligators in the wetlands!

 Rose early to catch the sunrise and high surf at Juno Beach

Rose early to catch the sunrise and high surf at Juno Beach

Sunburst and waves at the pier dock at Juno Beach
 Pastel sunrise greets boats along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Palm Beach, Florida.

Pastel sunrise greets boats along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Palm Beach, Florida.

How to choose an engagement and wedding photographer

Engaged Couple, Black and white Engagment Portrait

Congratulations! You just got engaged and would like to work with one photographer who can do your engagement photos and your wedding photography. But how do you choose a photographer when there are so many portrait and wedding photographers to pick from?

Do a Google search for photographers in your area. Review the photographers work on their website and Social Media pages. Look at their reviews. Do you like their photography style and the variety of work they have? Can you visualize having the photographer take your picture? Does the photographer advertise they can do both engagement and wedding photography?  

Next, contact the photographer and schedule a time to chat and meet them. Ask a lot of questions and build a relationship with the photographer. There are many qualified and talented photographers in the market place; however, by doing a little homework and setting aside some time to get to know the photographer, you will gain great confidence that he/she will do a fantastic job for you. The results will show in the service they provide and beautiful natural photographs showing you and yours at your best! 

Bride and groom wedding portrait, in the forest, with bouquet
Engagement Portrait
Bride and groom portrait at sunset

February Weddings are Perfect for Rich Red Color!

Romantic red for weddings, valentines, and events
Love red roses for the bride and groom

For this beautiful wedding they kept things simple...and used romantic red accents for the bridal flowers, dresses, and the wedding cake.

The bridesmaids sip champagne and shine with BIG smiles as I photograph them in their beautiful red dresses. They've got the romantic Valentines wedding look and style for sure!

Modern bridal photography captures the joyful bride and groom as they walk hand-in-hand down the aisle. We did it!!!

Red Roses and red and white wedding cake

Capturing Unposed, Candid, & Natural Wedding Photography -- Tells a Story

You know what I love about photographing weddings -- its the in the moment shots, super candid, spontaneous, and natural wedding photography that really captures and tells unforgettable moments.

Portrait of the groom dipping the bride low at the First Dance a
Portrait of a bride and groom tieing the knot at the wedding alt
Love is a great adverture wedding photography for the wedding co

I use a wide variety of lens; and, the best lens for wedding photography, in my humble opinion, are the 85m portrait lens, 24x70m great for portraits and group shots, 70 x 200m for shots taken in a church or further away, and the wide angle 16 x 35m. These are my favorites to catch every loving and fun moment! You never might catch a guest taking a picture at the wedding of you and the couple! Love this!!

Cutting the wedding cake

Show the World Your Best with Lifestyle Portraiture

It's a New Year and a new you! Getting a new professional portrait done of yourself is a positive door opener. Work with a photographer who brings out the best in you and is willing to push you to portray your best self. My professional portrait photography sessions are all about you! And, the session is a lot of fun! Remember, everyone is an individual, so every portrait-photography session is unique and special  -- because you are! 

Jessica Spaulding and Valerie Portraits

Let's show the world together a new you! Love to hear from you today to schedule your business portrait photography, senior portrait photography, family portrait photography, bridal portrait photography, and creatively you portrait photo session!

Bridal portrait wedding photography
Elaine Turso Portrait Session
Prorfessional businessmans portrait photography
Michelle Arnold senior portrait photography session

Create a tropical wedding paradise wherever you are!

Many of my clients love the idea of getting married somewhere in the tropics, but either time or budget makes it tricky. Why not create a Hawaiian, Caribbean, or Polynesian setting for your wedding anyway! You can rent palm trees, hand out leis, decorate the wedding cake with orchids, have Hawaiian dancers at your reception and more! Perfect destination wedding photography without having to travel too far. Aloha!

Wedding photography for a Hawaiian style wedding

Horses are lovely to photograph!

I've been attracted to nature photographer and photographing horses for many years. Fortunately, I've been able to witness them gracefully galloping with a buggy, or as the sun rises and leaves a beautiful glow on their manes. I think horses are lovely and they are very cooperative to portrait photography!

Two horses lean over a fence together with a mountain view in th
A pony and a horse stand in a wheat field in the early morning l
 Equestrian Photography by Jolly Sienda Photography

Equestrian Photography by Jolly Sienda Photography

Amish team of horses in the early morning light before the heat
An Amish Grey Buggy and Horse, Clop Along the Road

Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party!

Photo booths are so much fun for your hosts and their guests! With a little creativity, you can make the props and have a photo booth set up in a jiffy! As a photographer, I get a BIG kick out of photographing everyone having a good time and being a little silly! Photo booths add a fun wedding photography and event photography element to the party!!

Tip Toe through the Tulips

The Pacific Northwest has stunning gardens. With its mild temperatures, sunshine, and rain, so many flowers bloom here. I'm learning a lot about the flora and fauna. Here is a sample of some floral fine-art photography

Colorful Zinnia flowers stand in front of a marina and mountains
Rows of multi-colored purple and red tulips in the green garden
Bright pink carnellias flower bush overlooks a red Chinese bridg

I Give You this Ring and My Heart

One of my signature gifts to all of my couples is to take artistic wedding photography images of their wedding rings. I absolutely adore doing this for my clients and I can't wait to do it for you!

April Dinucci and Brian Gage Wedding
The Diamond Engagement Ring and White Roses, wedding photography
Wedding rings and bridal bouquet wedding photography

The rings are a work of art! It's so beautiful, meaningful, and so much fun!!!

From Our Family to Yours...Happy Holidays!

Christmas in Prague, Old Town

Remembering the joy of past Christmas's shared together around the world in Germany, Czech Republic, Virginia, South Carolina, and Washington State (beloved travel photography) with family and friends! Happy Holidays!


I hope the magic of the holidays gives you time to reflect and enjoy life's gifts. Let us,   together, wish for peace and happiness around the world. 



Rich and Jolly Sienda at Christmas
Advent Pyramid at the Dresdner Striezelmarkt
Snow covered row houses at dawn surround a park with a Nativity

Two Pacific Northwest Coastal Sunsets, Same Day, Only One Hour Apart.

It's amazing how quickly light can change within a short period of time. Since, I am also a landscape photographer, I am always interested and chasing the light. The first image below of Samish Bay, along the Chuckanut Drive view point, was taken at 4:29 pm. The next shot was taken at 5:27 pm, just a couple of miles up the road, at the boat marina overlooking Bellingham Bay in Bellingham, Washington.  The light changed so dramatically in just an hour!

Beautiful Bridal Hair and Accessories for Wedding Photography


I love that there are so many lovely hair accessories brides can wear. From hair clips and flowers, to sparkling gemstones, tiaras, and pill box veils - brides have a lot to choose from!

I love traditional veils too. Anything goes for today's wedding time bridal photography and the modern bride!