Rich Autumn Color is Dreamy for Nature and Landscape Photographers

Look in your backyard and grab your camera! This is the time of year to capture autumns richest colors at their peak. In my Kitsap Peninsula, Washington backyard, we love our beautiful Red Maple tree. In fact, this photo is one of my best fine art photography print sellers! Everyone loves the oriental style tree line and the warm red color or the leaves. And, I didn’t have to hop on a plane and fly to New England to get this fall color!

Maple Tree, Bremerton, Washington.

Maple Tree, Bremerton, Washington.

I’m amazed at the variety of colors of the trees found in Washington State and throughout the West. From New Mexico to the Olympic Peninsula and Canada there is so much beauty! Americas nature playground provides a bountiful display for landscape and nature photographers.

Get out there and enjoy! Here’s my friend Rachel Zachary taking a walk along the burning Aspens along the Rio Grand near Taos, New Mexico. So relaxing!

Better hurry — the color won’t last long.

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Taking a walk along the golden Aspen trees

Photography in Your Flower Garden

Whether you're a professional photographer or learning about photography a great way to learn and practice your skills is to go out into your yard and photograph the flowers in your garden. I love to experiment with wide angle and macro lens for this.

This is a great way to understand color, texture, depth of field, design, and to train your photography eyes. Don't get discouraged. Let the natural world pull you in and keep practicing with you camera. Over time, I know you will be thrilled with your results! When you are -- make up some prints of your flowers and display them on your wall as a fine art photography gallery! So pretty!!

See something you love! Please let me know! I'd love to hear from you. Fine art photography by Jolly Sienda Photography is available on this website or by contacting me.

Cat's are Quirky, Curious, Interesting, and Fun Creatures for Travel Photography

When I'm traveling I'm always looking for interesting subjects to photograph. Cats are unique because they have attitude and presence. They make a statement wherever they are. And, I love photographing them!

Tuxedo cat sits on a window ledge of a tole painted building, Oberammergau, Germany. This cat reminded me of my kitty, Topaz, also a Tuxedo cat and a charmer!   

Tuxedo cat sits on a window ledge of a tole painted building, Oberammergau, Germany. This cat reminded me of my kitty, Topaz, also a Tuxedo cat and a charmer!


I love to catch cats when they could care less about me watching them. However, sometimes,  cats are eager and willing to be the stars in the picture!  From the left, cats on a bench in Kotor, Montenegro; center is an orange tabby cat on stucco stairs in Mykonos, Greece; right is a cat watching us eat at a marina in Kusadasi, Turkey.

It's really nice when you have great light, shadows, and textures to work with in your photo; and, there is the cat in the space. This is a photo I've sold many time from my fine art photography collection. I took the picture while traveling in Mykonos, Greece. It was taken at sunset.

Red Door and the Calico Cat at Sunset, fine art photography