Puget Sound Weddings are Creative, Beautiful, and so Northwest!

Using the natural landscape and a few props…2018 Pacific Northwest weddings are off the chart unique, beautiful and creatively Northwest! Best wishes to all of my couples. I loved being your wedding photographer! The following weddings were photographed at the Bremerton Raceway, Bremerton, Washington; Tiger Lake, Belfair, Washington; Jacob Smith House, Lacey, Washington; and Heronswood Garden, Kingston, Washington.

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Amanda Marie and Matt Godsey's Rustic Wedding at the Jacob Smith House

Two hearts united on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at the civil war-era farm manor house, the Jacob Smith House, in Lacey, Washington. The happy couple were surrounded by family and friends.

Amanda Marie and Matt Godsey wedding photography

The bride’s family and friends flew in from Connecticut for the wedding celebration — joined by Matt’s family and friends from Washington. Their day couldn’t have been more perfect with delightful autumn skies and lots of love.

Their nuptials started with a beautiful and romantic First Look pictures.

Followed by their First Look kiss. So sweet!

Amanda and Matt said their wedding vows under an arbor with rose petals.

With just the right touch of color for the autumn leaves and trees; and, the historic Jacob Smith House for their backdrop…the setting could not have been more romantic and ideal for their wedding photography.

Using the front porch and fall color for family photos.

The wedding reception with Amanda and Matt cutting their wedding cake. The cake was very yummy!

 Amanda Marie and Matt Godsey cut their wedding cake

Amanda Marie and Matt Godsey cut their wedding cake

Our best wishes to Amanda and Matt Godsey. Thank you so much for asking us, Jolly Sienda Photography, to be a part of your celebration! Much love to you both!!!

Marry me...Autumn color and wedding themes for the perfect fall wedding

The colors of Autumn are breathtaking! I love shades of green, rose, purple, orange, pink and the warm tones they bring to a wedding and wedding reception.

 Monster wedding cake at an Autumn wedding

Monster wedding cake at an Autumn wedding

There’s so many themes you can have at your wedding. These brides and grooms chose crystal and ostrich feathers, monsters and rich purple flowers, a vineyard, and Autumn leaves on their wedding cake. As a photojournalist wedding photographer, I love capturing all the details of the wedding season — whether it is Autumn, spring, summer or winter.

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Autumn Weddings & Event Photography -- Apples, Falling Leaves, and Lace.

The last breath of summer and the early fall months of September and October are so warm and inviting! Engaged couples who choose to marry at this time of year can enjoy warm sunshine and cooler breezes. Romance is in the air!

The color of fall leaves, golden yellow roses, and rich burgundy, sage, and purple hues are delightful to photograph and are so romantic.

I love to photograph the wedding rings using symbols of the season -- how about rings on a red delicious apple tree?!

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Boho Northwest Wedding at Belfair's Tiger Lake

Congratulations to Maurean Grogan and Dan Dimmen! They married on 08-18-18 a palindrome day -- super cool, in a park-like setting on Tiger Lake in Belfair, Washington.

 Maurean Grogan and Dan Dimmen, wedding photographs

Maurean Grogan and Dan Dimmen, wedding photographs

The couple and their families pitched in to plan the perfect wedding! It was outdoors, at sunset, with twinkle lights and lanterns. Maurean's sweet doggie was part of the ceremony too. They even had a slick Volkswagen bus for cozy, fun, glam camper shots. Their wedding had it all! 

With about 120 guests, a roasted suckling pig with all of the fix'ens, a DJ, yard games, and more, guests and the happy couple partied the night away under the stars!

Maurean Grogan and Dan Dimmen Wedding, Wedding photography

The wedding ceremony was full of emotion and love. Everyone could feel the love that Dan and Maurean feel for one another.

Weddings are all about family and friends getting together to celebrate the joining of two hearts. Smiles and tears filled the air!

 Cheers from the guests as the wedding ceremony was about to begin!   

Cheers from the guests as the wedding ceremony was about to begin!


And, many beautiful family memories...heart and soul with love!

 The wedding party

The wedding party

 Maurean's family

Maurean's family

 Dan's family

Dan's family

Best wishes to the bride, groom, and their families!

Two Hearts Wed at Destination Wedding at Heronswood Botanical Garden

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, at 5:11 pm, Kyle McInnis and Calvin Sweat married each other at Heronswood Garden in Kingston, Washington. They drove three days, from their home, in Sioux City, Iowa for their wedding and were joined by family and friends from Iowa, Washington, and Hawaii.

 Kyle and Calvin's Wedding Party

Kyle and Calvin's Wedding Party

The bride and groom planned their dream wedding together and it took some time to put everything together. Kyle, and her grand daughter Izzy Tello, the Maid of Honor, traveled to the Kitsap Peninsula, WA., in 2017 to meet with wedding professionals and see the venue. 

Kyle wore a stunning crystal beaded dress with a train and carried a fresh wedding bouquet of vibrant Northwest flowers.

Calvin dressed in a handsome wedding suit with a shimmery satin silver-grey vest and tie. He was joined by his best friend, Mitch, who served as his Best Man.

The wedding ceremony happened at about 5:11 pm in the afternoon -- a special time for the couple to coincide with the time they got engaged.

It was a picture perfect day for them with temperatures in the low 70's. The ceremony was officiated by Amber Bartz, Celebrations by Amber.

 The floral British style garden sanctuary where Calvin wed Kyle McInnis.

The floral British style garden sanctuary where Calvin wed Kyle McInnis.

Helping to show off Kyle's lovely wedding dress and train.

 A beautiful setting for a bride and her family and friends!   

A beautiful setting for a bride and her family and friends!


At Heronswood Garden there are so many beautiful places to take pictures. For the 4-hour wedding and reception -- we barely could scratch the surface!

The celebration included the traditional cutting of the cake and the First Dance for the newlyweds, followed by lots of visiting with friends and family.

 Cutting the wedding cake. The cake was made by Methia Marie Gordon Nugent, Sweet Life Cakery.

Cutting the wedding cake. The cake was made by Methia Marie Gordon Nugent, Sweet Life Cakery.

Congratulations to Kyle and Calvin! Thank you so much for asking Jolly Sienda Photography to be a part of your wedding celebration. It is an honor and a pleasure to get to know you; and, Rich and I wish you the very best!

Using Props and Natures Surroundings Add to Beautiful Wedding Photography

Do you have a wedding theme for your special day? A lot of guys and gals do. Incorporating  fun and creative props at your wedding can really add another dimension to your keepsake wedding photos and wedding album. Also, working with natural surroundings, like we have here in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful for your pictures. Mother Nature does not let us down!

 Wedding rings on the bridal bouquet is gorgeous and so romantic! This is one of my signature photos that I love to create for all of my couples.

Wedding rings on the bridal bouquet is gorgeous and so romantic! This is one of my signature photos that I love to create for all of my couples.

How about a framed picture!? I love this a lot!! The wedding party and family did too!

Cheryl amd Emmett Hartley wedding

For this Victorian wedding the velvet sofa and handmade decorations using the brides favorite colors and style really set the tone for a very romantic wedding.

Nothing like a beautiful lake and greenery to make a pretty frame for a wedding portrait. Or, an umbrella! 

Nothing's off of the table when it comes to your wedding. Recently, I photographed a wedding held at a race track. The bride and groom incorporated his race car and they had black and white checked flags. Their wedding was uniquely their own and wonderful!  

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First Dance and Fun Wedding Reception Photography

Let the wedding reception party begin! It's so much fun for me to watch people at weddings let loose and have fun. Yeah, most brides and grooms are a little nervous on their BIG DAY, but once the corks start popping and they've already had their picture taken by the wedding photographer in dozens of scenarios, everyone is more relaxed and has BIG smiles on their faces.

I love taking pictures of people having a good time and not worrying about me taking their picture. It's those candid, spontaneous moments that tell the wedding story.

It's an honor for me to photograph your wedding. Let me tell your wedding day story. Booking now for 2019 and 2020 wedding photography and wedding reception photography. Contact me at jollysiendaphotography.com, Tel: 240-899-5295, or info@jollysiendaphotography.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Plan Your Wedding Photography When the Light is Most Flattering.

Have you ever heard that photographers chase the light? It's true. The most flattering, warm, light is early in the morning from sunrise to about 10 am in the morning and after 3 pm in the afternoon to sunset. This is when the golden and pink light happens for magical photographs.  Below are several images from weddings which we had fantastic light because of the weather and the time of day in which the photos we're taken. First photograph was taken in the morning for the First Look; middle photograph at sunset; right photograph mid-afternoon about 3 pm.

I know brides and grooms have a lot to cover when planning your wedding. I understand and I'm here to help! Have a conversation about wedding photography with your photographer and learn from them when the best times are to take your beautiful pictures. Trust their expert advice. Ideally, if you can, please try not to have your wedding ceremony at noon. The light is harsh, intense, and can cast a lot of unflattering shadows. Your photographers will use fill flash and reflectors (when possible), however Mother Nature can be tricky.

 4 pm outdoor wedding ceremony in July at the Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel, Silverdale, Washington

4 pm outdoor wedding ceremony in July at the Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel, Silverdale, Washington

I look forward to talking with you about your wedding plans! Jolly Sienda Photography is booking now for 2019 and 2020!

February Weddings are Perfect for Rich Red Color!

Romantic red for weddings, valentines, and events
Love red roses for the bride and groom

For this beautiful wedding they kept things simple...and used romantic red accents for the bridal flowers, dresses, and the wedding cake.

The bridesmaids sip champagne and shine with BIG smiles as I photograph them in their beautiful red dresses. They've got the romantic Valentines wedding look and style for sure!

Modern bridal photography captures the joyful bride and groom as they walk hand-in-hand down the aisle. We did it!!!

Red Roses and red and white wedding cake

Capturing Unposed, Candid, & Natural Wedding Photography -- Tells a Story

You know what I love about photographing weddings -- its the in the moment shots, super candid, spontaneous, and natural wedding photography that really captures and tells unforgettable moments.

Portrait of the groom dipping the bride low at the First Dance a
Portrait of a bride and groom tieing the knot at the wedding alt
Love is a great adverture wedding photography for the wedding co

I use a wide variety of lens; and, the best lens for wedding photography, in my humble opinion, are the 85m portrait lens, 24x70m great for portraits and group shots, 70 x 200m for shots taken in a church or further away, and the wide angle 16 x 35m. These are my favorites to catch every loving and fun moment! You never know...you might catch a guest taking a picture at the wedding of you and the couple! Love this!!

Cutting the wedding cake

Create a tropical wedding paradise wherever you are!

Many of my clients love the idea of getting married somewhere in the tropics, but either time or budget makes it tricky. Why not create a Hawaiian, Caribbean, or Polynesian setting for your wedding anyway! You can rent palm trees, hand out leis, decorate the wedding cake with orchids, have Hawaiian dancers at your reception and more! Perfect destination wedding photography without having to travel too far. Aloha!

Wedding photography for a Hawaiian style wedding

Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party!

Photo booths are so much fun for your hosts and their guests! With a little creativity, you can make the props and have a photo booth set up in a jiffy! As a photographer, I get a BIG kick out of photographing everyone having a good time and being a little silly! Photo booths add a fun wedding photography and event photography element to the party!!

I Give You this Ring and My Heart

One of my signature gifts to all of my couples is to take artistic wedding photography images of their wedding rings. I absolutely adore doing this for my clients and I can't wait to do it for you!

April Dinucci and Brian Gage Wedding
The Diamond Engagement Ring and White Roses, wedding photography
Wedding rings and bridal bouquet wedding photography

The rings are a work of art! It's so beautiful, meaningful, and so much fun!!!

Beautiful Bridal Hair and Accessories for Wedding Photography


I love that there are so many lovely hair accessories brides can wear. From hair clips and flowers, to sparkling gemstones, tiaras, and pill box veils - brides have a lot to choose from!

I love traditional veils too. Anything goes for today's wedding time bridal photography and the modern bride!