Plan Your Wedding Photography When the Light is Most Flattering.

Have you ever heard that photographers chase the light? It's true. The most flattering, warm, light is early in the morning from sunrise to about 10 am in the morning and after 3 pm in the afternoon to sunset. This is when the golden and pink light happens for magical photographs.  Below are several images from weddings which we had fantastic light because of the weather and the time of day in which the photos we're taken. First photograph was taken in the morning for the First Look; middle photograph at sunset; right photograph mid-afternoon about 3 pm.

I know brides and grooms have a lot to cover when planning your wedding. I understand and I'm here to help! Have a conversation about wedding photography with your photographer and learn from them when the best times are to take your beautiful pictures. Trust their expert advice. Ideally, if you can, please try not to have your wedding ceremony at noon. The light is harsh, intense, and can cast a lot of unflattering shadows. Your photographers will use fill flash and reflectors (when possible), however Mother Nature can be tricky.

 4 pm outdoor wedding ceremony in July at the Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel, Silverdale, Washington

4 pm outdoor wedding ceremony in July at the Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel, Silverdale, Washington

I look forward to talking with you about your wedding plans! Jolly Sienda Photography is booking now for 2019 and 2020!

February Weddings are Perfect for Rich Red Color!

Romantic red for weddings, valentines, and events
Love red roses for the bride and groom

For this beautiful wedding they kept things simple...and used romantic red accents for the bridal flowers, dresses, and the wedding cake.

The bridesmaids sip champagne and shine with BIG smiles as I photograph them in their beautiful red dresses. They've got the romantic Valentines wedding look and style for sure!

Modern bridal photography captures the joyful bride and groom as they walk hand-in-hand down the aisle. We did it!!!

Red Roses and red and white wedding cake

Capturing Unposed, Candid, & Natural Wedding Photography -- Tells a Story

You know what I love about photographing weddings -- its the in the moment shots, super candid, spontaneous, and natural wedding photography that really captures and tells unforgettable moments.

Portrait of the groom dipping the bride low at the First Dance a
Portrait of a bride and groom tieing the knot at the wedding alt
Love is a great adverture wedding photography for the wedding co

I use a wide variety of lens; and, the best lens for wedding photography, in my humble opinion, are the 85m portrait lens, 24x70m great for portraits and group shots, 70 x 200m for shots taken in a church or further away, and the wide angle 16 x 35m. These are my favorites to catch every loving and fun moment! You never might catch a guest taking a picture at the wedding of you and the couple! Love this!!

Cutting the wedding cake

Create a tropical wedding paradise wherever you are!

Many of my clients love the idea of getting married somewhere in the tropics, but either time or budget makes it tricky. Why not create a Hawaiian, Caribbean, or Polynesian setting for your wedding anyway! You can rent palm trees, hand out leis, decorate the wedding cake with orchids, have Hawaiian dancers at your reception and more! Perfect destination wedding photography without having to travel too far. Aloha!

Wedding photography for a Hawaiian style wedding

Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party!

Photo booths are so much fun for your hosts and their guests! With a little creativity, you can make the props and have a photo booth set up in a jiffy! As a photographer, I get a BIG kick out of photographing everyone having a good time and being a little silly! Photo booths add a fun wedding photography and event photography element to the party!!

I Give You this Ring and My Heart

One of my signature gifts to all of my couples is to take artistic wedding photography images of their wedding rings. I absolutely adore doing this for my clients and I can't wait to do it for you!

April Dinucci and Brian Gage Wedding
The Diamond Engagement Ring and White Roses, wedding photography
Wedding rings and bridal bouquet wedding photography

The rings are a work of art! It's so beautiful, meaningful, and so much fun!!!

Beautiful Bridal Hair and Accessories for Wedding Photography


I love that there are so many lovely hair accessories brides can wear. From hair clips and flowers, to sparkling gemstones, tiaras, and pill box veils - brides have a lot to choose from!

I love traditional veils too. Anything goes for today's wedding time bridal photography and the modern bride!

Props can add style and fun to any photoshoot!

Samantha and Jake Viveiros, love and adverture, with a bicycle a

Adding props for your photo session can help you tell your story. Samantha and Jake love the vintage look and they see their love story as an adventure!


For April and Brian's wedding they asked me to re-create photos they had seen on a Pinterest board. Using the Victorian sofa she had rented for her wedding, outside, helped set the tone for a super romantic, vintage wedding day!

Vintage couch vintage portrait of a bride wedding photogaphy
April and Brian Gage Wedding

Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s so cute when weddings have themes and the bride and groom have some fun with decorating. I especially like cute cake toppers that are whimsical, cute, fun, and romantic!