Fresh green leaf salad with beets, carrots, cucumber, and marina
Handling a fresh orange juice and vodka cocktail with a fresh or
Chef Anthony Cooking at Robert Wiedmaier's Brasserie Beck
Crate of Candy Onions and Tomatoes
Chocolate Covered Lolly Pops with Sprinkle
Female hand holds a large, red tomato
Assorted Olives
Freshly baked cookies, cakes, and scones
Three Tier White Chiffon Wedding Cake with Pale Peach Roses
Assorted Fruit and Cheese Plates
Charcuterie, bread, olives, cheese, salami, plate
Chilled White Wine, bee pressed goblet, and water jug
Cup of Turkish Coffee
Baskets of fresh figs
Chocolate chip creme cheese cupcake
Lit candles and a chocolate Happy Birthday cake
Tiramisu with Fresh Berries, Chocolate, and Rasberry Swirl
Colorful ground spice towers at a market
Fresh, Jumbo,  Dungeness Crabs on ice at the Pike Place Market
French Ambassadors Dinner, Kobe Beef with Edible Flowers
Tomato basil soup with watercress
Pouring rose liquor in a shot glass
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