Venetian Carnival, costumes, and masks
Barges and Gondolas on the Grand Canal
Laundry Hangs on a Clothes Line between Painted Buildings
Burano's Colored Houses, on a canal, with colored boats and a re
Artistic gondola interiors with golden seahorses and lovers cres
Gondalas on the Grand Canal at Sunset, travel photography
Gondolas on the Grand Canal with the Campo Santa Margherita at S
Sunrise light glows on the Basilica di San Marco, Venice
The red velvet interior of a gondola is centerstage as a couple
Sunrise on the Grand Canal Santa Maria Della Salute
Pink and yellow sunrise over Santa Maria della salute and the Gr
Narrow Venetian canal and boats at sunrise
Gondola interior adorned with a golden horse serpent,  velveteen
Gondolier uses his paddle to steer the gondola with tourists thr
Afternoon light on the gondolier
Quite Venetian canal with hanging laundry, boats, and a man in a
Leaning Venetian Church, a Canal, and a  Gondalier
Venetian Gypsy Woman Drinks Water from her Hands over a  Fountai
Gondolier steers his shiny, black gondola through a canal near V
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