How to choose an engagement and wedding photographer

Engaged Couple, Black and white Engagment Portrait

Congratulations! You just got engaged and would like to work with one photographer who can do your engagement photos and your wedding photography. But how do you choose a photographer when there are so many portrait and wedding photographers to pick from?

Do a Google search for photographers in your area. Review the photographers work on their website and Social Media pages. Look at their reviews. Do you like their photography style and the variety of work they have? Can you visualize having the photographer take your picture? Does the photographer advertise they can do both engagement and wedding photography?  

Next, contact the photographer and schedule a time to chat and meet them. Ask a lot of questions and build a relationship with the photographer. There are many qualified and talented photographers in the market place; however, by doing a little homework and setting aside some time to get to know the photographer, you will gain great confidence that he/she will do a fantastic job for you. The results will show in the service they provide and beautiful natural photographs showing you and yours at your best! 

Bride and groom wedding portrait, in the forest, with bouquet
Engagement Portrait
Bride and groom portrait at sunset