Celebrating 20 Years of Wedding Photography Business -- Jolly Sienda Photography Gives Thanks to her Puget Sound Couples!!!

Cheers to a fantastic 2019 wedding season! Here’s a look back at all of our fabulous Puget Sound couples. We’re so appreciative of you! Because of YOU — 2019 is on tap to being our best year EVER!!! When we moved to Bremerton, Washington from Virginia in 2015 everywhere we turned people were and continue to be so welcoming and helpful! Rich and I love living in the Pacific Northwest and we love photographing engagements and weddings here; especially using the beautiful natural surroundings that the Pacific Northwest offers. So cheers to Christina and Greg, Cheryl and Emmett, Nieves and Chad, April and Brian, Andi and Micheal, Myrna and Ralph, Dawn and Anders, Cathy and Joe, Kyle and Calvin, Maurean and Dan, and Amanda and Matt — our Pacific Northwest happily married couples. Thank you!!!

And, tomorrow, May 4, 2019, we’re so excited for Lilly and Aaron who will marry at Lincoln Avenue Bible Church with a reception following at Port Gamble. We will post highlights of their wedding day right here this weekend. Stay tuned!

Poulsbo, Washington tropical style wedding.

Poulsbo, Washington tropical style wedding.

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Its 2019 and You're Engaged! Here's some Romantic and Fun Photo Engagement and Wedding Ideas.

Congratulations on your engagement! Now let’s plan a wedding! Your photographs should tell your story of the love you feel for one another. The best proposal photography, engagement photography, wedding photography, and reception wedding photography will show your fun and playful side, intimate and romantic side, look natural, and capture all of the beautiful, candid details!

Nieves and Chad Wright, engagement photography session, Bremerton, Washington

Nieves and Chad Wright, engagement photography session, Bremerton, Washington

Tie the knot at your wedding!

Tie the knot at your wedding!

First Dance, wedding reception photography, Tacoma, Washington.

First Dance, wedding reception photography, Tacoma, Washington.

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Jolly Sienda Photography helps you create and capture your story with love and artistry!

Argentine Tango and Chilean Cueca Dancing Sways to Sexy Rhythms

During our recent trip to Patagonia with stops in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Santiago and Puerto Varis, Chile, we learned a lot about the history of the sexy and sublime Argentine tango and the coy and colorful Cueca folk dance.

Argentine tango dancers

Tango originated in the late 1800’s along the River Plate and the colorful port town of La Boca, Argentina. Slaves, brothels, and men first danced together to the pattern beats of the bandoneon. Over time, the dance was accepted by middle class and is seen today throughout this part of South America.

Creating Beautiful, In-the-Moment, Wedding Photography Bridal Portraits

Beautiful, candid, classic, bridal portraits is what every engaged bride-to-be dreams of. Here are some great bridal wedding photography moments that are lovely for weddings.

Andi Moore and Michael Smith Wedding photography

Using natural window light is lovely for all portrait photography.

Incorporating props can add the perfect touch to a bridal portrait.

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Puget Sound Weddings are Creative, Beautiful, and so Northwest!

Using the natural landscape and a few props…2018 Pacific Northwest weddings are off the chart unique, beautiful and creatively Northwest! Best wishes to all of my couples. I loved being your wedding photographer! The following weddings were photographed at the Bremerton Raceway, Bremerton, Washington; Tiger Lake, Belfair, Washington; Jacob Smith House, Lacey, Washington; and Heronswood Garden, Kingston, Washington.

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