Let's Celebrate International Cat Day!

For all the lovable cats in the world and to those kitty's that need a home -- we're thinking of you today, August 8, 2018, on International Cat Day!

I adopted my beloved Topaz 11 years ago from a shelter. He's a character and so loving. He is gregarious and follows me around the house like a dog --- but he's a cat! I took this picture of dear Topaz recently with a 150 x 600 lens.

Topaz I love you!

Topaz I love you!

When I travel I enjoy taking pictures of cats in unique settings....doing what cats do...sleeping, staring, and just being adorable kitties! The cats below, from left to right, were photographed in Kotor, Montengro and Alexandria, Virginia.

Give a cat a loving home. They will give you so much back in return!

Cats peaking through a screen window